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India Electron Exchange (www.indiaelectron.com) is India’s Premier, Real-Time Online Power Market Analytics Solutions.

Clients: Regulators, Generators, Traders, DISCOMS, TRANSCOs and OA Consumers. Services:
  • All India scenario of Power Demand, Supply Deficit & Surplus across states
  • Renewable Energy Updates and Advisory Services
  • Short, Medium & Long Term Transactions, Procedures and Timelines
  • Price of Power (Power Exchanges, Bilateral Trade & Unscheduled Interchanges)
  • State Generation & Load Curves
  • Booking status & Congestion in different Inter-Country, Inter-regional and Intra-regional transmission corridors
  • Existing & Upcoming Generation Capacities, Transmission Corridors
  • Benchmarking of Traders, Generators, Consumers and Utilities
  • Regulatory, Policy & Legal Updates of different states
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