09:00  - 10:00 Welcome & Registration
10:00  - 10:05 Welcome Address from ET Edge
10:05  - 10:15 Opening Remarks
10:15 - 10:45 Chief Guest Address : 24x7 Power for All – Coming together of Centre & States
  There is consistent growth in electricity demand due to increase in customer base, changes in lifestyle and consumption pattern which requires continual reinforcement and creation of new electricity infrastructure in generation, transmission and distribution sectors to meet the consumer expectations. Therefore government has announced number of policies for consumer empowerment in order to ensure 24x7 affordable and clean power for all. Here we will discuss the financial viability of the programme, key challenges and current scenario and government’s vision to make it a big success:
  • Encouraging trends to achieve the target of providing reliable, affordable and quality power to the consumers.
  • Expectation from generation, transmission and distribution sectors
  • Demand and Supply Scenario
  • Financial Viability of Utilities
10:45 - 11:00 Opening Keynote: Power Supply Patterns for Future
  A significant challenge lies in the fact that the growth in power supply seems to be exceeding the growth in demand. As a result, the PLFs of thermal plants have been on a decline for over five years, resulting in significant losses. The situation has improved marginally in recent months on account of some improvement in demand. Some of the factors to be factored in shall include:
  • Power Demand and Supply Outlook
  • Coal Stocks – A concern or not?
  • Requirement of Thermal Power Plants for future
  • Integration of Renewables
  • New Tariff Policy –Pros & Cons
  • What are the challenges associated with moving to the new three part tariff structure?
11:00 - 11:15 Networking Tea/Coffee Break
11:15 - 12:15 Panel Discussion: UDAY- Enabling DISCOMS become sustainable- The lessons learnt and what went right
  UDAY was launched for financial turnaround and revival package for state electricity distribution companies (DISCOMs). UDAY has helped some Discoms improve their balance sheets and P&Ls. It has begun the transformation of distribution sector. Revenue gaps have been bridged by 33% in one year of operation. This session will have the audience interact with futurists and experts to help them understand the cause and final outcome of UDAY.
  • Impact of UDAY on Discom Finances
  • Progress so far and key remaining gaps
  • Has it proved to be an all-encompassing solution for power sector woes?
  Shri Prakash S. Mhaske, Chairperson, Central Electricity Authority
  Deepak Amitabh, Chairman, PTC India Financial Services Ltd
  Raj Pratap Singh, Chairman, Uttar Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission
  Sanjeev               Kumar, Chairman and Managing Director, Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company
12:15 - 13:15 Panel Discussion:  A 100% renewable India: Can it be done? – A glimpse at India’s Energy Transition
  Renewable Energy has grown measurably in the last few years, spurred by ambitious growth targets to reach 175 GW by 2022. Investments into clean energy in India rose 22% in the first half of 2018 compared to the same period last year, while investments by China fell 15% during the period. India is expected to overtake China and become the largest growth market by the late 2020s.
  • Plugging-in Renewables: Risks and Outlook
  • Is the renewable energy sector moving in the right direction to achieve the set targets?
  • Cost trends of renewable power (transmission, storage, balancing, etc.)
  • PPA’s still a major hurdle?
  • Solar-Wind hybrid systems- Is it a solution?
  • Synergies between EVs and renewable energy
  Sanjay  Aggarwal, Managing Director, Fortum India
  M. Kamalakar Babu, Vice Chairman & Managing Director,  New and Renewable Energy Development Corporation of AP (NREDCAP)
  J.P. Chalasani, Group Chief Executive Officer, Suzlon
  Manu Kumar Srivastava, Principal Secretary, Govt. of Madhya Pradesh
  K.S. Popli, Chairman and Managing Director, Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency Limited
13:15 - 14:15 Networking Lunch
14:15 - 14:30 Elevator Pitch: Micro-Power Plants to bring Electricity to Millions
  This session will feature a new idea / concept based on actual situations, projects/ programs in the form of storytelling. Delegates will also have an opportunity to make two-minute address on their own stories. (TEDx Speaker)
  Anil Raj, Managing Director, OMC Power
14:30 - 15:30 Panel Discussion: Future of Power Generation -Changing Scenario, New Requirements, Fuel Supply and Demand Outlook
  India’s reliance on coal as the dominant source of power generation continues, accounting for about 80 per cent share in total generation. However, the segment currently faces multiple challenges. Here we will touch upon the role of coal in generation likely to change over the next 10-15 years:
  • Capacity Additions – Needed or Not
  • Increasing reliance on other sources of power generation- pros & cons
  • Role of Renewable integration and load balancing
  • Role of PPA’s
  • Environmental up gradation norms
  • Flexibilisation of thermal power plants
  K. Raja  Gopal, Whole-time Director and Chief Executive Officer, Reliance Power, Reliance group
  Thiru Vikram Kapur, Principal Secretary & Chairman & Managing Director, Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation
15:30 - 15:45 Spotlight Session: Reliable and Quality Power for Rural Areas
  This session will focus on government’s promise of electrifying all the villages of India in no longer time. Keeping the objective in mind Government of India has launched schemes like ‘DDUGJY’ and ‘Saubhagya’. The schemes aim at providing 24x7 sustainable and affordable power to all households in the country. This case study will bring out the numerous challenges faced, current status and how the stakeholders have managed to keep the hopes alive for completion of government’s dream.
  Dr Arun Kumar  Verma, Joint Secretary, Distribution, Ministry of Power
15:45 - 16:30 Fireside Chat: Digital Transformations - Innovation and Initiatives- Making Power Smart
  With new complexities and a changing energy landscape, the traditional business model of power utilities is experiencing disruptive changes. From ensuring reliable power supply under programmes such as 24x7 Power for all and Smart Cities, handling unprecedented renewable capacity additions, meeting customer expectations and managing a large interconnected grid, utilities are preparing for a significant transformation. Tackling these challenges demands that utilities adopt the best-in-class digital and technology solutions.
  • Enabling digital payments for power – e-payments in collaboration with states
  • Emerging Technologies and subsequent transition of business models
  • Current state of IT/OT adoption in the sector
  • Focus on the Smart Grids and Smart Metering
  • Energy storage technologies
  • Apps to Empower – URJA MITRA, UJALA,DEEP etc.
  Sanjay Banga, Chief Executive Officer, Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited
  Saurabh Kumar, Managing Director, Energy Efficiency Services Limited
  Dr Rahul Tongia, Fellow, Brookings India
16:30 End of the Conference